The World's ONLY Swim Spa Marketing Consultant Service

My name is Ben and I own a hot tub & swim spa business in Canada. I also happen to be in a unique position that I believe nobody else out there can claim. 

I also run a marketing consulting business, so I don’t think there’s an anyone out there offering “done for you” swim spa marketing services who’s actually face to face, nose to nose, sold swim spas to warm-blooded prospects…except me.


I make my living and feed my wife and kids by marketing and making sales, and by helping other businesses make sales.

When my partners and I decided to enter the hot tub industry by buying a local shop, I was VERY surprised by what I found when I researched what other retailers were doing.

Most of the strategies and practices that are working in countless other industries are leaving hot tub and swim spa retailers in the dust.

In fact 90% of retailers I’ve come across are not even doing the simplest basic things with their digital marketing to truly make an impact in the marketplace.

For example, being able to track people who come to your website and serving them with followup ads.

Or using effective email marketing to reactivate old leads who didn’t pull the trigger (and since swim spas can be a long buying process, this is criminal neglect if you aren’t doing this).

Or being able to know – to the cent – how much you are paying for a new swim spa prospect and where they came from.

Even putting into action ONE of these things will dramatically impact your business and most are not doing it — or if they are, not doing it effectively.

I can tell you that’s true because I’ve done it! Someone with a marketing degree can tell you all sorts of theories, but that’s all they are.

NOW, I’m ready to bring my system to you. Everything is now in place for YOU to join me in making consistent swim spa sales, month in and month out.